The LED is an activity of IdealShine, which specializes in the distribution of products and solutions for lighting decoration and atmosphere. For more information, please visit our website

IdealShine distributes the good quality LED, which have a function of direct illumination. All luminaires are manufactured by a manufacturer of electronic components leader in China and manufacture of LED in Asia.

IdealShine aims to increase its range of lighting on criteria of quality and ecological performance.

The light

The light distributed by IdealShine are exclusively dedicated to the professional environment, including commercial, medical, commercial or institutional.

The common characteristics of our products are a very long life, low energy consumption, a total absence of toxic and reliability proved by the expertise of the manufacturer.

The pledge of quality is garanted of 2 years for all our products.

The luminaires of IdealShine represent an ecologic and economic choice during a period (several tens of thousands of hours of life).

Their Caracteristics

The products of IdealShine have following caracteristics :

• Warranty of 2 years
• Color Rendering Index (CRI) more than 70
• A very long life (minimum 50 000 hours)
• Can have a color temperature from 3000 K (warm white) to 6000 K (cold white)
• Designed without glass, filament, mercury and without UV emited
• Light scattered in the way of completely homogeneous
• High efficiency (high ratio lumens/watt)
• Finishing touches in aluminium

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